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4th March 2016

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Ready to Ride? Reasons for Classic Motorcycling

Entries have opened for many of the summer's most popular classic motorcycle rides and rallies. If you're looking for somewhere to go on your old bike, here are some possibilities you may not have previously considered...

Westward Ho! Reliability Run

This overnight ride starts at 11.30pm on Friday 1st April 2016 from the Weyhill Fair pub, Weyhill near Andover, and arrives before breakfast on Saturday 2nd April at Lynmouth in North Devon. Participants can then enjoy a full English breakfast at the Bath Hotel in Lynmouth, where rooms will be available for weary riders to catch up on some hard earned sleep. There’s an evening dinner with fellow riders that night, and folks head home on Sunday 3rd.

Ready to Ride? Reasons for Classic Motorcycling
Ready to Ride (Nearly) on Now...

This is a non-profit event with all proceeds going to charity. Classic bikes are preferred but consideration will be given to other vehicles at the organiser’s discretion. A breakdown / recovery vehicle will follow the run. The cost is £85 per person. Priority will be given to group booking of rooms. Nearby hotels will accommodate the overflow so get your entry in early to avoid disappointment. Entry closes on 10th March 2016 or earlier if full.


Lincolnshire Wolds

The Bluestone Heath Run takes an interesting route through the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds, incorporating the Roman Bluestone Heath Road, on Sunday 10th April 2016. It starts 10.30am from The Jug & Bottle in Holten le Clay, DN36 5YN. The entry fee of £6 includes a lunchtime stop at the renowned Cadwell Park Racing Circuit, where the Alan Healy Memorial Rally is taking place (stop there as long as you like). All normal club facilities are available and there will be a dedicated parking area for the bikes close by. That’s followed by a short run back in the afternoon to the Jug & Bottle in Holten le Clay

Contact Richard: 01427 872247 / 07970 467802

Lively Lightweights

The Pip Squeak Run caters to riders on machines of up to 98cc and over 25 years old, and takes place in mid- Ayrshire on the 17th April 2016. It’s intended to encourage VMCC members to give their wee bikes an airing and just see how much fun can be had on a few ccs. The route will be an ‘easy’ 30 mile ride, suitable for low-powered machines like the Norman Nippy, Yamaha FS1E, Phillips Gadabout, Raleigh Wisp, Honda step-throughs, Ariel Three, BSA Winged Wheel and James Autocycles. Suitable machines can be bought for a modest sum and it is an easy and affordable way to become part of the vibrant VMCC scene in Scotland. The run is open to non-members who will be made most welcome on the day.

Entry forms from Gordon: or 01475 638528.

VMCC Relay Rally

We’ve not been sent any specific info for this every-other-year event but a mild spot on online sleuthing leads us to believe it’ll take place on Sunday 1st May 2016. This truly is a ‘one size fits all’ ride-out which is both national and local; can be accomplished all on your ownsome or as part of an organised group, and you can take all day about and travel hundreds of miles – or simply bimble down byways less travelled to visit a minimum number of checkpoints on a route of your own choosing.

Ready to Ride? Reasons for Classic Motorcycling

You can usually sign up for VMCC day membership at one of the many volunteer-run checkpoints, although if you do the decent thing and join the club now then you’ll get advance info about where all those checkpoints are located. Here’s our report on the 2012 event, and you can join the VMCC here:

S&T Timed Regularity Run

Heading back north of the border, the S&T Regularity Run, organised by Stirling Castle Section of the VMCC, has gone on manoeuvres to an exciting new venue. It’ll be based at the WW2 Cultybraggan Camp 21 near Comrie in Perthshire, on 5th, 6th and 7th August 2016. Cultybraggan is the last remaining WW2 high security PoW camp in the UK. It was built in 1941, and much of it remains intact including 80-plus Nissen Huts, sports fields, a firing range and the last nuclear bunker built in the UK. It is a perfect venue for the S&T, in the heart of rural Perthshire with quiet back roads and spectacular scenery round every corner.

The S&T timed regularity run follows the traditional format. Riders choose an average mph and try to maintain exactly that targeted mph for the whole of the Saturday run. Along the route, participants pass through a number of time checkpoints. Not everyone takes the timing aspect too seriously and many just take part for the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts and the scenic routes.

Ready to Ride? Reasons for Classic Motorcycling

The S&T entry is capped at 100 and covers the full spectrum of machines from veterans through to the late classics up to 1991. Camping, caravans and motorhomes can be accommodated on site. The event starts with an evening get together on the Friday night and the Regularity Run takes place on the Saturday with an evening buffet. There will be a social run on the Sunday. Non-members will be made most welcome.

Entries from Dougie Cowie: 01764 653474 or

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