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4th February 2011

Festival Of Italian Motorcycles Downunder
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A switch to a less glamorous location didn't diminish the line-up of well polished Latin machinery in Melbourne. Derek Pickard reports...

Whole Lotta Style...

Over 350 pieces of Italian motorcycle art ignored the move to a suburban car park for the Italian motorcycle club's annual get-together in Melbourne. Previous years had seen the event at the city's most prestigious location in the very grand setting outside the Melbourne museum. But despite the lack of prestige, excellent surroundings and services like shelter, toilets and coffee, the various clubs turned on an event as big as anything previous.

Is he is in socks?...

In what has become a tradition at these kind of meetings, Julian Mclean fires up one of his unsilenced MVs.

Twenty years and a lot of development between them...

Two interesting Moto Guzzis which weren't the usual big V-twins illustrated the strange capacities this maker produced. The 1959 Lodola 235cc single is alongside the 231cc four.

I hope this is the right caption...

There's nothing like a damn good original bike. And the most popular unrestored machine this year was this 1950s MV two-stroke which stood alongside a more popular 1970s four-stroke small single .

This used to be the future...

Of the various trade stands, the new specialist Melbourne Italian dealer Mototechnic put on a show of their more unusual stock that included this 2008 Bimoto Tesi 3D with its hub centre steering and 1100 V-twin engine.

Don't let your mouse cursor get too near that bell-mouth...

Italian enthusiasts are as fanatical as any when it comes to modifying their bikes. This mid-1960s Aermacchi 250 had been enlarged to 350 complete with a 32mm Dell Orto. The owner described it as a bit of a mix-n-match job, but a low weight of just 112kg ensured excellent performance.

The back street car park in suburban Coburg had displays by make with virtually all the great marques covered. Only Benelli was not represented while others such as Gilera and Aermacchi had just a single bike flying their famous flag. The Ducati following put on the largest show. The big twins were there en masse with the huge number of variations over the past four decades lined up in every possible colour.

And right behind them in numbers, the Guzzi club also had their members put in a solid showing, again with the last four decades of the make displaying every variation of the big twins.

The organisers say the relocation did not deter the continuing enthusiasm the clubs have for the event with the huge turn-up of bikes and visitors proving they will go anywhere. Additionally, they say the central location was good and continued efforts will see them return in April 2011 with improved facilities and catering.

Moto Guzzis on Right Now......

Details of the next event can be found at


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