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28th May 2012

Mad Mike's Classic Gathering - Bull's Head, Leics, May 2012
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A 200 mile round trip to stand in a pub car park for a couple of hours. What better way to spend a scorchingly sunny Sunday afternoon? People who don't ride classic motorcycles probably wouldn't understand...

The day didn't start that well, to be honest. My brand new bike boots had all the feel of a pair of bedside cabinets, the Sunday traffic was already building up by the time we got going, and then The Destroyer's Morini shed an exhaust nut on the A14.

Hint; always travel with an airhead BMW rider - not only will he have c-spanner that fits, but he'll have a bottle of water to cool the exhaust pipe as well.

Meanwhile, on the A14...

From then on, things got better. Quiet b-roads snaking across the rolling midlands, blue skies, green fields, yellow sun, black tarmac.

Car park already busy...

And the Bull's Head car park already full of bikes.

Car park already busy... Honestly, does it get any better than this?

Are you going out dressed like that?... Someone should have told SteveB it wasn't fancy dress

Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Triumph... The eclectic world of

But what's in the box?... Abo arrives with A Box On The Side

Watch out for those dodgy characters... U>Bend tries to hide by parking in the Stealth Corner

What a fine BMW... More and more bikes. Some had to leave early to make room for the late arrives

Bob? Victor? Realist? Free the RC7!... Some familiar faces from the message board put in an appearance, along with some less familiar ones

First public outing?... The Manki - Suzuki engine, featherbed Norton frame

From the sublime... MZ 250 ES/2 Ugly Duckling

To the ridiculous - Or is it the other way round?... A65 with Attitude

Wise men park in the shade on hot days... RealClassics - in this case a 1000cc 1930 BSA Model G30-15 - are meant to be ridden.

They don't make 'em like that any more... And by way of balance, we bring you the CFMOTO CF250T-5

I rode one of them in the war, you know... The Manki again. It was the talking point of the day

It looks 'right' from every angle... Manki build Martyn Roberts basking in the sunlight

Gumby... We wouldn't want all the attention to go to Martyn's head...
Plenty more Nortons on now...

Oh it's such a perfect day... Just a perfect day...

Isn't the internet brilliant? How else would you inspire a group of people who'd never met to ride a hundred miles or more to stand in a pub car park, gently frying in the sun while shooting the breeze about old bikes. A couple of people who were just passing asked if this was an organised club meet.

No. Well, yes. Well, kind of. Organised by Mad Mike sticking a pin in the calendar to choose a date, and then selecting his local as the destination. But not organised in the sense of need a committee, or even a plan.

So a big thank you to Mad Mike for the pin sticking, to the Bull's Head for hosting us in their car park, and to everyone who turned up, for turning up.

Words and Photos: Martin Gelder


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