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19th January 2015

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The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

Roy Workman started his 2015 show season with a chilly trip to the Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic at Newark...

This show is officially known as the Carole Nash Classic Bike Guide Winter Classic, and it is held at the Newark Show Ground on the first weekend of the New Year. This makes a nice change from eating mince pies and it’s a chance to get a bit of fresh air. I had a nice ride there although it rained a bit … and then it rained a bit more! But what a nice way to start the motorcycling year.

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

There was a very small queue to get in at 9am on the Saturday. Having seen the crowds in the previous years I had purchased my ticket in advance, so I got in quite quickly. Walking through the entrance I picked up a copy of Motor Cycle Monthly which had the show guide in it. I then turned left towards the George Stephenson Hall, stopping to look at a few traders’ stalls that were out in the open air. One chap was hugging a mug of hot soup to keep his hands warm. He had several machines for sale, including a nice Trifield 350 up for £1800; amongst his other machines was a Triumph priced at £6000. Whilst talking to him I noticed that there was a steady stream of visitors coming on site.

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

Entering the hall, there was a lovely display of bikes from around the world - from vintage era to much more modern ones. A lot of work has gone into bringing most of these bikes up to such a high standard. There were plenty of club stands to look, at as well as private entries, and many trade stands to peruse, offering their specialist services. Wandering past one stand I saw a chap thumbing through several pre-war copies of The Motor Cycle magazine - these were interesting. John Reynolds was giving a talk about his racing career together with Steve Plater; these talks took place twice each day.

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

Leaving this hall I walked towards the undercover marquee; at the entrance there was the usual Harley range on display. Most of the people running the outside stands had a means of making a cuppa tea as you would expect … it was cold, but at least the roof kept the rain off. Lots of interesting stuff for sale here, with plenty of spray paint, lubricant, spare parts, riding kit and helmets - all at reasonable prices.

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

From here it was a short walk to the next enclosed hall. Again plenty of bikes to see, trade stands, clothing outlets, bargain leathers and wet-weather gear. The RealClassic stand was located in this hall; Rowena was ‘manning’ this one on her own, as Frank was in the warm at home doing some catching up. Rowena had turned up at 7.15 on Saturday morning to check out her stand and to have a quick look at the others. However, when she arrived the doors were locked, so she had to stand in the rain until they were opened! It was nice to catch up with her again, and I met several RealClassic readers whilst at this stand. One kindly got Rowena a cup of coffee, and the HobNobs were very tasty!! Although there were hot air blowers trying to warm the place up, it was still chilly.

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015 Classic Sidecars on Now...

On the other side of the hall I found Jim and Rose d’Arcy. Jim used to run Charnwood Classic Restorations, a sidecar specialist firm in Hugglescote, Leicestershire. He was also a Royal Enfield dealer. Whilst Jim was running Charnwood, Rowena dropped in during her ‘grand tour’ of the Royal Enfield dealers. She had a ride in one of Jim’s outfits, and was surprised at the turn of speed…

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

There were a couple of more halls to look at: the Sidney Sheldon Hall is dedicated to scooters, both modern and classic, and there were some nice club displays here. Being a motorbike and sidecar man I was interested to spot a couple of Lambrettas with identical sidecars fitted. One outfit had a 198cc engine and the other had a 225cc one - I wondered what the difference in performance is?

The Newark CBG Winter Classic 2015

The remaining hall also had a nice collection of club stands, where I was especially interested in the Sunbeam and Greeves riders’ stands. There were plenty of food outlets to feed the enthusiasts; some were in the halls, but others were outside. The autojumble and bike traders that were situated on the grassed areas at the previous shows did not show up this year.

Whilst wandering around the show it was nice to catch up with old friends. It is a good show which is well worth a visit, with an interesting mix of bikes, and a good chance to kickstart your classic show year.

A full list of all the concours award winners can be found here: www.classicbikeshows .com/newark-winners-announced/ The dates for the next classic bike event at Newark and other shows in this series are available at

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