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16th January 2013

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The CBG Newark Winter Classic, 2013

Roy Workman got lucky with the weather and discovered scooters and outfits and an array of classic bikes at the first major show of 2013...

What a great day for a motorcycle show. The sun was shining and it was quite warm for January. Last year it was much colder and they had hot air blowers trying to keep the halls warm. This year the field was nice and firm, surprisingly considering the amount of rain that we have had recently; the state of the field was much better than last year.

This year I got wise and bought a ticket in advance because last year I had had to join a huge queue to get in. Thinking that the show opened at 10am I arrived half an hour early, only to find the car park already fairly busy and a smaller queue than I expected at the pay booth. A friend later told me that the organisers had opened the show at 9am this year.

The display of coloured plastic boxes is always popular...

This is a well organised showground with more construction work on the way. Walking onto the field I first found Harley-Davidson who had their roadshow going, with a nice selection of bikes and music playing away. Alongside the Harleys there was a huge gazebo-like stand selling a large range of goods, including several motorcycles. You had to wander around the stands to see what was on offer; the weather was kind to those traders out in the open. I spotted a couple of Yamaha Diversions for sale - these looked good. Not far away there was a nice 1957 AJS 600 cc twin, which was parked alongside a rusty Triumph 5TA.

I had spotted that Jim D'arcy, previously of Charnwood Classics, had a stand in one of the halls and I made my way over to see him. Jim is still putting some outfits together. He told me that at one time at his Charnwood premises he had just over 100 classic sidecars in stock, and thirty of these were sent up to Scotland for a bike show that was having a sidecar theme. At Newark Jim had several solos for sale, including a nice Royal Enfield Clubman type which had a modified engine; alongside this was a Laverda 125cc which, he told me, goes very well.

CBX1000s, standard and otherwise...

Luckily I had my show guide with me and this helped me find my way around the show. I was interested in the scooters, and they had a complete hall to themselves, aptly named 'Scooter World Hall'. Some of these machines were in 'as found' condition, but most were in really fine fettle, including several with loads of mirrors and lights fitted to them. The Vintage Scooter Club had a Velocette Viceroy on show - this was top class. They also had a BSA 250cc scooter amongst others on display. Whilst talking to the lady on the stand I spotted Robin Spalding's book on British motor scooters. I had been thinking about getting this book for a while, so I went ahead and treated myself!

Blinded by the Lights...
Classic Vespas on now...

I got talking to a chap who had eight mopeds on display; he enjoys doing them up. He also told me that he has over 30 motorcycles in his collection, including several Triumphs.

There were lots of trade stands, club stands, a large autojumble and food outlets. The girls on the main magazine stand were kept fairly busy, and I was pleased to see RealClassic on the stand.

One club stand had an AJW Flying Fox on it; you do not see too many of these bikes around. Many years ago, at a show near Enfield, I met the son of the man who founded the firm and had a nice chat with him.

Flying Fox. Flying Hounds not shown...

Superbike rider Chris Walker was the star of the show and he was on stage both days talking about his race history. The club stands were first class, with lots of interesting bikes to look at. I felt that the show was bigger than last year and something to look forward to at the start of the year.

It's well worth a visit. Another similar show, new for this year, is scheduled for 22nd and 23rd June 2013, again at Newark. See

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