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25th June 2004

Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part Three

It's summer, it's the weekend, and it won't get dark until after ten o'clock tonight. What other excuse could you need to go out for a ride? Here's a dozen to be going on with…

  • "There's nothing on TV." Apart from Tim Henham / Big Brother or anything else that will keep the rest of the nation glued to the screens and the roads empty.

  • "I just need to go and charge the battery up." And charge your own batteries while you're at it.

  • "We're out of milk." Well, we are now that you've accidentally poured most of it down the sink.

    Room for plenty of milk in that sidecar... but that would mean fewer trips to the shops.

  • "The tyre pressures look a bit low." And the amount of tread left will look even lower when you get back.

  • "I need to check that the new speedo cable is working." Better check the needle goes all the way round the dial as well.

  • "It's bike club night; third Tuesday of the month." But it's Friday today…

    Tuesday, Friday... who's counting?

  • "Just popping out to flush some petrol through the carbs." Some petrol? A lot of petrol, I expect.

  • "I need to clean the bike with the pressure washer at the filling station." Well, you will when you get back.

  • "I'm just going for a ride now to check that the bike will be okay when I go for a ride tomorrow." Run that one past me again?

    Just check it starts now, so that I know it'll start later...

  • "All the other RealClassicists will be there…" What's your name; Paul?

  • "There's a funny noise coming from near the back wheel; I need to work out what it is." Could it be the exhaust, perhaps?

  • "Just, because…"

    Enough lists; it's almost the weekend so get out there and ride. Unless you're stuck at work; instead you can fill the rest of the long hours until they let you out by thinking up more excuses to go out on your bike…

    Me, I'm just popping outside for a while. I may be some time.

    A Morini with my name on it.

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