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24th June 2004

Beezumph One-Three

A bumper-photo-fest from the Triumph and Rocket Three Owners' Club track day at Cadwell Park. Real Mart caught the action on the track and in the paddock...

Nice boots.

It's the Triumph and Rocket Three Owners' Club, so let's start with a well thumbed Triumph Trident...

Nice bike.

... and a well looked-after BSA Rocket 3.

Yamaha banners, Yamaha leathers, Garden Shed engineering.

The rider of this T150 engined Triton wasn't afraid to hold the throttle open over the mountain.

By this point in the afternoon, only the yellow bikes were visible in the gloom.

Tidy bike, tidy style.

You don't see many front drum braked cast wheels...

This John Player Norton Commando didn't seem to go as well as it looked; then again, if it was mine I'd be careful with it too...

Four cylinders? It'll never catch on.

George (green jumper, folded arms) Pooley's four cylinder Triumph Quadrant had a steady stream of admirers...

Designed mainly with a ruler? did the smaller than you'd expect Triumph Triple engined Bolide.

They get everywhere...

Inevitably, Real Mart found a Morini; this K1 Strada was hiding behind a MkII Guzzi Le Mans.

Signed by Arturo Magni himself...

Louder than a very loud thing making a lot of noise; those Italians knew how to make exhaust pipes.

Half an hour later, this was a lake.

Classics making themselves at home on the track; marvellous.

Were you there?


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