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31st August 2004

The 16th Fenman Show

A dozen BSA Goldstars lined up in the school playground? A cake stall under the trees on the village green? David Atkinson is already looking forward to next year…

Norfolk has been lambasted by wind, rain, and thunder storms over the past month or so. This was to such an extent that the farmers were unable to harvest their crops, which are now ruined anyway. The flooded fields also removed the facility of a couple of large car parks. There was talk of the show being cancelled but as it has now become a tradition (this was its 16th running), it went ahead and trade stands were placed on hard-standing as opposed to the quagmire of a field which was their usual location. I got to the show early and had no problems in getting parked, but it appeared that many others had a similar idea and everything was in full swing long before the official opening time.

This is the school playground...

A Glister of Goldies?A RealClassic banner adorned the railings adjacent to the local war memorial, but it was not till later that I found Mike Powell, who was doing sterling service with the RealClassic magazine, as well as advertising the pending Stinkwheel Show.

Real Mart, Anarchy and LAB also turned up and, apart from a very brief shower, the weather remained dry for the best part of the day. Motorcycles, combinations, trikes, et al, were there in abundance. Many of them would have looked nice in my garage and whilst many were show pieces there were an equal number that showed signs of regular usage.

LE engined Velocette Valiant

A dozen or more Goldies arrived en masse and were on display together in the local school. All the well known makes were there as well as some nicely put together specials. A nice little Velocette Valiant caught my eye, then I realised that it was not what it seemed as it had an LE engine installed instead of the air cooled one.

An immaculate Matchless V-twin was parked in the roadway. This bike alone would have had Frank W thinking up more ways to spend the remaining remnants of his pension fund. It looked as though this may have been it's first outing since being restored, but alas I was unable to locate the owner or any details about it. It did look nice though.

Model X. Surely it should be Model V?

There were Dragonflies, Sunbeam S8s, A65s, Matchless and Ajays, Triumphs by the dozen, Vincent, Panther and so on, as well as modern offerings from Japan. There were also some very nice older Japanese machines there. Old Kawasakis triples, Suzuki Kettles, Honda etc, All were intermingled with each other and there was a happy atmosphere with the attending populace.

If this giant leathery slug had had arms and legs it would have been riding home on a Norvin

All profits from this show go to local charities, and it didn't matter what direction you looked, there were motorcycles to be seen. To be honest, there were more bikes on show than there was time to view, plus a couple of the new Triumph triples were there. It was the first time I had seen any in the flesh (metal then), and to say they were big is an understatement. It was also my first outing with a pair of walking boots on and I must confess that my feet were wishing that they had stayed at home. Still it's progress and next year perhaps I will get one of my bikes there...

Good Show?

Dwarfed Harleys take shelter from Rocket IIIs under the trees.


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