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10th September 2004

Real Classic London Motorcycle Museum Ride-In

Flippin' fantastic full-frame Friday foto-fest from last Sunday's late Summer RealClassic Ride-In rumpus...

August - torrential rain. September - scorching sun. British summer at its best...

'Ah... This must be the place.' A few hundred more people now know that there is an Oldfield Lane *North* and an Oldfield Lane *South*...

Crotch rocket?

It's all a matter of body language. Modern looking Rob North Rep leans away from classic styled W650.

The RealClassic Attire range continues to expand.

The ceremonial handing over of the Jaffanobs. But what's in the bottle?

Loads of Triumphs in this picture, but only one from Meriden.

Tidy Comet, scruffy Enfield, treasured tee-shirt.

It was the sausages that caused the bottleneck, apparently.

The All-Day-Breakfast Queue lasted... all day. Well worth waiting for though.

It says Monza on the sidepanel, but...

This 750 Monza hybrid thingy attracted a lot of admiring glances...


...while this Laverday 750 (S3?) just exuded understated class.

How many years separate these two? Answers on a postcard...

Eight cylinders of Ariel squareness...

Italian paint quality. Marvellous.

...and ten cylinders of Benelli style. (I think the Ariels had more sparks though...)

It'll never work...

Future project?

Were you there?


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