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8th November 2004

The Sydney Classic Show, Part 2

We last saw Ozboy enjoying the refreshments after walking halfway round his local show. Never one to avoid controversy, his Bike of the Day might just be a single-cylinder Vincent...

Part 1 is here...

OK, finished stuffing our faces at the BBQ, back to the bikes at the C&EMCC Show Day in Sydney.

Now to my eyes, the Ducati completely overshadows the Trident. Funny old thing, taste...

Wandering back from lunch we passed this spotless Trident and Ducati. Ridden in and parked up together they were gleaming in the afternoon sunshine. Love those ray guns (envy is such a terrible sin). Variety being the spice of life, there were Titans amongst the Beezas and Trumpets, plus this pair of bright yellow Coopers all the way from sunny Mexico. The MX model makes 30bhp with an all up weight including steel wheels of 225lb. The Enduro puts out 7bhp less with an extra 28lbs of lighting and suchlike. An unusual and tasty duo.

The perils of yellow paint.

Another bright yellow bike was causing a fair bit of head scratching and consultation. Well, it is a Commando! Unlike the lone Laverda, this machine didn't burst into song while we were there (but I'm sure it did the minute we left, yes?).

Talking of Tridents... Rick Moss' example is a Real cracker. ridden hard and often, with 103,000km on the clock yet unrestored, this bike is absolutely immaculate. How do you do it Rick? Add this one to my basket please.

'59 Bonneville; the GSX-R750 of its day. Agree? Disagree?.

Still with Triumph (stay awake at the back) we loved this slim, light '59 Bonneville, an original launch-year bike. Original and best? (discuss).

Needs a different seat, if you ask me. I know, I know, no one *did* ask me...

We found this lithe and purposeful AJS racer being admired by a biking couple. 'Very sexy' says she, 'but it has a G3L engine' says he with a shake of the head. Does it really matter you ask? Well obviously to some it does! Still a lovely machine.

Poise, elegance, and an open megga. Bliss.

Now here's a genuine drop-dead gorgeous 350 KTT Velo. Following a first and second in the 1938 Junior TT Velocette won again in '39 when this Mk 8 model was introduced. If the little AJS was 'purposeful' the Velo is positively 'forceful' in its hewn-from-rock engineering. Yet up close it exudes poise and elegance.

Could it get any better? Well for me yes, in the shape of a personal favourite, a 1938 Series A Comet. I know - half the size, half the price, half the appeal..... who said that? Ok, 28bhp and 390lbs against 45bhp and 455lbs for its big twin brother. I don't care, I love it and want to take it home. But it isn't for sale and I can't afford it anyway (drat etc).

Velocette Stuff on
Half the size, half the price, half the appeal?

What a way to end the day, but wait there's more! Riding in just as we're heading home is a crisp sounding TR5T Adventurer (Trophy Trail if you prefer), another model I'd clear room for in the shed at the drop of a crash hat.

Owner Linda Priest loves this bike for its lightness; 'it's so easy to handle' she says, 'much easier to ride than my Dommie 99!' We chat on about the small front brake 'what front brake?' says Linda, the non-standard exhaust 'sounds good, eh' and so on. The bike is far from conkers and all the more interesting for that. I offered to take the Adventurer off her hands but she's enjoying it too much to part with it so that was that. And yes that is a Rocket 3 sulking under the trees in the background.

Must have big trees in Australia...

From a warm, sunny [Ok, don't rub it in. RealMart] Sydney afternoon, till next time.


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