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14th January 2005

Winter Rides 4 - All Together Now!

So what did you do over the Christmas holiday? RealClassic readers went for a ride on their classic bikes, it seems...

To The Rising Sun

Four stalwart RCers defied the ice to meet in the land of the Rising Sun, Hartpury, Gloucestershire, and a beautiful morning it was, says Jim Rendell.

Fifteen seconds after this photo was taken, they were fighting over who got first go on the swings...

And Robert Taylor agrees; A small but brave face was put on by a few hardy RC bikers mad enough to tackle the icy back roads and chilly temperatures to reach the Rising Sun. As well as RC members Tony, Keith and Will, there were an assortment of bikes from the Cotswold VMCC. One of Jim's friends from the VMCC, riding an old Norton, cleverly managed to hook a pheasant between the brake lever and throttle securing himself a fresh diner on his return home!


To The Other Rising Sun!

I am Yoshimi Kitamura and 48 years old in Niigata, Japan. I often look at your website. And I found the article on 'Christmas Rides'. How do you like Japanese atmosphere? I have owned a Honda CB750K1 (1972) for about 30 years. And it has run about 260,000km. [Blimey. If you go to the Suzuka 8 Hours, get in touch. Real Mart]

That's proper snow, that is...

It was not fine in the morning on December 25, it came openly gradually. So I wanted a ride on the 750 and enjoyed about three hours. Niigata in Japan is a district with much snow in winter. There are many ski areas -- I also enjoy skiing. By the way, Niigata suffered the big earthquake in October 23. So this neighborhood was damaged seriously and repair work still continues now.

...hope you got home before dark.

I took these photos at a point near Ojiya.


Better Weather On Boxing Day...

As I'm a wimp I gave a Christmas Day ride in the rain and snow a miss, but took my seven year old grandson Liam Acca for a Boxing Day ride instead. We rode to Exmouth, along the sea front, then the common road towards Sidmouth, stopping for a break at Woodbury Castle, before heading home. You can see here pictures of Liam, wearing his new leather jacket (which has hardly been off his back since Christmas day) together with stunning views of the Exe estuary in the background.

He's got a new jacket, but no hands. You can't have everything, I suppose.

I have told Liam he can have the Commando when he can start it, I just hope by the time he is strong enough I will be getting too weak!

Peter Acca


A Trip To The Daneway Inn

It was a pleasant ride out there in dryish conditions, with Biker Marc and G3 CAL, beating me there. Hmmm, Will have to do better next time. Other RCers on site were Alan S, Keith S, George H, Jakki and Co on Ural, myself and last (but hardly least) Jim.

Aieee; too small picture alert!

Conditions on the return journey were very WET.

Robert Taylor


Old Friends Out On Christmas Morning...

Meanwhile, in a secret location just outside Prague...

Steve The Toaster


A Seaside Spin

For a ride out on Christmas Day, I decided to take my BSA B31 out for a spin. The skies were clear but bitterly cold, so I wrapped up warm and set off. I ended up in Cromer, a Norfolk seaside town. I rode down to the prom to take some pictures in front of the pier. By time the batteries ran out on my camera my hands were numbingly cold. Time to go home and warm up!

Mouth clamped shut to prevent teeth chattering...

I am planning to take the B31 to the BSA international rally in Denmark, August 2005, with some of my friends in the Norfolk branch of the BSAOC.

Robert Smithdale


And Finally, A Mystery!

Joke about Santa's sack deleted.

Er... we did get rather a lot of winter ride reports... and it all got a bit confused... and... and... the dog ate our homework, too. Which is why we can't quite find the words which should go with this photo! And it's such a wonderful photo, too. Please tell us something about it! (Email if you recognise the scene. And sorry for being ditzy).

Any more for any more?


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