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16th June 2005

The Meldreth Manor Show 2005

I very nearly wrote exactly the same comments after this year's Meldreth Manor show as I jotted down after last year's show, so I won't bother repeating myself other than to ask, "Where are all these people and their bikes hiding for the other 364 days of the year?"

Instead, here are some of the bikes that caught my eye:

I almost came over all Thanatiod... Seventies-tastic Kawasaki triples basking in the evening sun. Early seventies, too; K and L registrations mean a 1972 model year for these 500s. The British motorcycle industry didn't stand a chance.

Beige is never a good idea. Ten years earlier, and this was Velocette's answer to... What was the question again?

Laverda engines always seem to dwarf the rest of the bike. Shiny Jota on display in the barn. No, those palm trees behind it aren't real.

Paul, eating chips.
Laverda Stuff on

Once they'd mastered making forks, Custom Chrome UK moved onto garden ralings. "All of life is here" seems to be the theme of the Meldreth show, illustrated by this Triumph's extended girders...

Orange is obviously the new black. ...and the Bobbed Harley sidevalve parked next to a GS850 outfit.

A bloke who used to work at Morini importer Harglo came up to say hello when he spotted the two Sports.

'Working in a Supermarket' indeed.The Herts and Beds (and Cambs) Mafia had a pretty good turnout given that the weather looked decidedly iffy at around the time people would have been setting off.

(A) Paul and I met up at Buntingford before riding up to the show, arriving at almost exactly the same time as CB175 Paul. He'd brought his boss, Paul, who had in turn brought his wife, Pauline.

EVGuru Paul turned up shortly afterwards, and I started to seriously consider changing my name.

PaulG80 claimed he had to work that evening. We're not so sure...


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