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22nd August 2005

See the blue sky?

Showing Off!

Been anywhere nice lately? RealClassic Clubmen have been out and about so we've the results from the Rye Show in Kent, and RichardM reports from Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire...

A Rye Rhyme…

The weather was kind at Rye this July,
So people in droves came to play for a day.
A live band (and some beer)
Made for exceedingly good cheer
While 70 or more brilliant old bikes
Vied (chummily) for the top concours prize.
The local clubs put on a stunning exhibition
And all for a tiddly three quid admission!
Even the traders left the Show with smiles on their faces
And empty vans; all spares sold and gone to new places.

See the chrome glinting?

Congratulations go to all those who brought their bikes for display (sorry; can't keep up the poetry no more!), including the clubs: the Cinque Ports CMCC, a local club, with a strict pre-65 rule; the Medway Triumph Owners; the Indian Riders MC; the BSAOC (Kent); the Norton OC (Kent); and the Norman Cycles Club. Norman is of course the local make, with the Nippy et al made at Ashford, Kent. The Norman Cycles Club launched its Register at Ashford a few years back, and now have a large membership.

See the half-naked people? Can it be summer?

The concours winners were:

Best Pre 1946:

  • 1st Alan Wardle, 1934 BSA J34/11 V-twin. With sidecar, a member of The Cinque Ports CMCC.
  • 2nd John Waite, 1935 OK Supreme Flying Cloud

    Best 1946 - 1959

  • 1st David Jackman, 1949 Vincent HRD Rapide Series B
  • 2nd Clive Larby, 1953 Velocette MAC

    Best 1960 - 1969

  • 1st John Luetchford, 1961 Triumph Bonneville T120
  • 2nd Colin Spiller, 1966 BSA Spitfire MKII

    Best 1970-on

  • 1st Trevor Ovenden, 1974 Kawasaki Z1A
  • 2nd Mr HJ Avery, 1969 Royal Enfield Interceptor II

    Best Overseas

  • 1st Peter Hall, 1942 Harley Davidson WLA
  • 2nd Gus Keating, 1980 Benelli 350 Sport

    Best Competition/ Special

  • 1st Gerry Heath, 1957 Norton Dominator Café Racer
  • 2nd John Gates, Rotrax JAP Speedway

    Best Lightweight

  • 1st Ron Warrener, 1961 Norman B4 Sports. An original Kent bike from our local manufacturer.
  • 2nd Fred Winborn, 1958 BSA Bantam D3

    Best Club Stand

  • Cinque Ports Classic Motorcycle Club

    The next Rye Classic Bikejumble is on Sunday 4th September from 10am. Admission is £3 to the site at Hamstreet in Kent. Contact ELK Promotions on 01797 344277 or visit


    Classics At Capesthorne

    I've heard it said that cars and bikes don't mix at classic shows. Well, whoever said that hadn't told the masses of folk who flocked to recent classic event, themed around 'Triumph Nuts', beautifully organised as ever and set in the majestic grounds of stately Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire.

    Maybe the show's success was due the 'superior' marque that the show was celebrating - the mighty Triumph, present in both four and two-wheeled forms. There were - in the tongue-in-cheek opinion of Les the commentator, courting controversy as ever - 'lesser marques too' (aka Reliant Scimitars, Morgans, MV Agustas, Nortons, BSAs V12 Jaguar E-types, MGs and so on). But, as in life, Triumphs ruled!

    What are the chances of one of these (on the left) being for sale in the eBay panel on the right?
    Random Triumphs on

    (RichardM obviously likes to live dangerously. But we know he rides a Honda more often than he rides his Triumph! TP)

    As well as the vehicles, there were stacks of excellent stalls where your scribe spent most of his money during a happy hour bantering with the stallholders (overheard - 'Oh yes, and I'll take a packet of razor blades as well, I've been looking at the stuff on your stall so long I need a shave'). Personal best buys included carb cleaner, brake cleaner and high temperature paint at £3 each, and an invaluable genuine rare Norton 'special tool' also £3. I also tried some of the Auto Proud polish. Don't be fooled like I was - it looks like water and goes on just as easily, but my goodness it works! The lazy boy's way to a deep shine…

    Seventies Corner? Four real classics in one photo.

    In fact the only tough part of the day was helping to judge the concours. Les, the genial 'compere' at all Andrew Greenwood's shows, has an ability to persuade a wide variety of cars and bikes into the arena, and he is looking for 'character' just as much as 'conkers'. As a consequence, in several classes it was nearly impossible to choose a winner. But as one Triumph owner commented to me: 'The cars give us so much pleasure that we're all winners.'

    Wise words indeed.


    Not sure about the chromed forks....

    See for details of more car and bike shows, or enter your classic using our facility for any Greenwood event and take advantage of the free ticket offer.

    Been anywhere nice lately?

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