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1st December 2005

Malvern & Newbury Autumn 05 Show Results

It was definitely November: we had torrential rain for one end of season show and freezing fog for the final RealClassic bash of 2005. But RealClassic Riders are made of stern stuff, it seems...

Dave Minton was secretly hoping there was an award for best Hat and Cravat combo...

The blokes on bikes are certainly made of sterner stuff than the RealClassic Crew, because we altogether failed to make it to the Malvern RealClassic Bike Show on November 6th. And we were in a van! (Memo to self: drive up the night before in future…).

Happily, Dave Minton was at least at hand to salvage what remains of our dignity, and he worked extremely hard all morning to judge the concours classes and choose between the surprisingly extensive array of old bikes.

Despite the appalling weather the overall attendance at Malvern went up, and organiser Andrew Greenwood secured the use of a second hall for the autojumble so the traders weren't completely washed away (although we do hear rumour of a humorous incident involving a leaky roof and one poor chap stood directly underneath).

There were also more club stands at the show than ever before, including the Cotswold Classic Bike Club, the British Two Stroke Club, the Worcester Section of VMCC and the Leominster Classic MCC.

Choosing between the club displays was not an easy job, but in the end Dave awarded the Best Club Display runner's up award to the Swindon Classic Motorcycle Club, and the DOT Motorcycle Club took first place.

Would you buy a used flapjack from this rabble?

Hearty congratulations to everyone - club members, RC readers, traders, jumblers and browsers -- who braved the storms and swam into Malvern. Sorry 'bout the HobNob famine. We'll be there in the spring. Promise. (And the jumble will be moved to the indoor hall for next November's event, too, because it worked so well this year).

Random DOT Stuff on

Malvern Show Winners: Autumn 05

  • Pre-1930 Runner Up: 1925 AJS Big Port of Alan Smith
  • Pre-1930 Winner: 1909 Triumph TT of Reg Eyres
  • Pre-1950 Runner Up: 1945 Ariel VG 500 of M Bartlet
  • Pre-1950 Winner: 1949 Triumph 5T of A Broad
  • 1950s Runner Up: 1950 Triumph 6T of Dave Meredith
  • 1950s Winner: 1953 BSA A10 of Alan Roberts
  • 1960s Runner Up: 1963 Triumph Tiger Cub of A Jenkins
  • 1960s Winner: 1966 Velo Thruxton on Roy Bennett
  • 1970s Runner Up: 1970 Norton Commando of Keith King
  • 1970s Winner: 1974 Norton Commando of Alan Roberts
  • 1980-on Winner: 1991 Ducati 900SS of Alan Roberts
  • Racing/Off-Road Runner Up: 1961 Matchless G3L of S Cleaner
  • Racing/Off-Road Winner: 1949 Douglas of David Cole
  • Club Display Runner Up: Cotswold Club
  • Club Display Winner: DOT MCC
  • BIKE OF THE SHOW: Owned by Cyril Griffen

    The Spring 2006 Malvern RealClassic Bike Show will be on March 12th, and the RealClassic Roadshow will really get there this time. Honest Injun.

    See for more info

    The lawnmower was so powerful that it needed a Rocket3 to start it...


    Determined not to miss two events on the trot - particularly as the Newbury Show would be our last sponsored show of the year, we set off about 18 hours early to get to the event. And we weren't alone! When the RC Roadshow rumbled into Newbury Racecourse, bright and early on Sunday 20th November, the concours display was already filling up. Amazingly, many of the bikes on display had been ridden in to the event. That's 'amazing' because the van's thermometer reported the external temperature as being MINUS-3 degrees Celsius at 9am… so anyone who rode an old bike to the show must have encountered freezing fog and slippery roads. You are all VERY brave…

    You wait decades for an orange CB750 to come along, and then...

    And there were plenty of you, too - we reckon that the display was about twice the size of last year's. As a result the hall buzzed with activity right through until the prize-giving ceremony at the end of the day, and the girls with the tea trolley did sterling service in helping people to warm up. We missed seeing our chum with cheese toasties (cheese toastie man, come back!), but Les the commentator kept everyone entertained with his chatter, dashing back and forth between the bike displays inside and the classic cars which were outside.

    Polishing the kickstart can help avoid embarassing kick-back...

    There were plenty of notable machines on display, and judge Frank Westworth even ended up giving out several 'Highly Commended' rosettes for those bikes which deserved recognition but which defied categorisation. There should definitely be a prize of 'Tried Hardest'; and I would have given it to the chap with the BSA Lightning parked right in front of the RC stand. He rode it in, produced a cleaning spray and roll of soft paper, and proceeded to give it a good going over so it even managed to sparkle despite the salt and the slush from the roads. And the 350 trialised Matchless won my 'I'll just take that home with me' award…

    Don't bother to wrap it up...

    The proper competition was tough for the Ridden RealClassic Award - and in fact we cheated slightly on that front, because we gave the Bike of the Show award to a ridden-in motorcycle, too. I think Philip Harrison, whose '54 Tiger 110 took the top prize, was utterly astonished to be called out at the end of the presentation ceremony. Or perhaps he was just worried that Les was going to make him say something on the mic!

    Winner of the biggest bit of paper stuck on the tank: 1954 Triumph T110 of Philip Harrison

    It was lovely to see so many RealClassic readers at Newbury, so thanks to all of you for coming along. In fact, thanks to everyone who has supported our sponsored events throughout the year, and thanks to the organisers for putting them all together and making them enjoyable days out for all of us.

    Warm and dry inside; lovely.

    Roll on 2006… and in case you're wondering, the first classic event of the New Year is on January 2nd and it's at Donington Park. See for more details.

    Newbury Show Winners: Autumn 05

  • Pre-1950 Runner Up: 1948 Triumph T100 of Eric Bailey
  • Pre-1950 Winner: 1911 Royal Enfield of Pete Sole
  • 1950s Runner Up: 1956 Douglas Dragonfly of Keith Turner
  • 1950s Winner: 1958 Norton 99 of Malcolm Allen
  • 1960s Runner Up: 1960 BSA Gold Star of W R Andrews
  • 1960s Winner: 1966 Norton P11 of P Weait
  • 1970s Runner Up: 1972 Honda 750 K2 of Alan Rutherford
  • 1970s Winner: 1973 Triumph X-75 of S Amey
  • Racing/Off-Road Runner Up: 1964 Bultaco of Steve Vardy
  • Racing/Off-Road Winner: 1949 Douglas of David Cole
  • Ridden RealClassic Runner Up: 1971 Norton Commando of Art Gower
  • Ridden RealClassic Winner: 1963 Triumph TR6SS of D J Boeg
  • BIKE OF THE SHOW: 1954 Triumph T110 of Philip Harrison

    The Spring 2006 Newbury Classic Bike and Car Show will be on February 19th.

    See for more info

    Norton P11; colour me shiny.
    Random Nortons on

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