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3rd May 2006

Weston Park Festival Of Transport

Looking for a weekend of automotive action, RC Clubman Pete456 discovered a selection of older vintage and classic bikes, plus a 1280hp V12...

The arena events opened at midday, not with the six pips of British summer Time but with 120 decibels of Rolls-Royce Merlin 27 litre V12! Now that sort of stationary engine I could look at all day… (For those who need to know: 1280hp. It's a Mark 20). That morning the news reader had warned me that the price of petrol was to rise rapidly this year -- and here it was, disappearing at a rate of three gallons a minute! I couldn't help feeling good.

Might need that fire extinguisher later...

I stayed for the next bit; it's like supporting the future. There were seven boys and girls aged between 10 and 15 years old, on bikes from 70cc-125cc -- the Piston Rings display team. And on grass they gave a damn good display of skilful riding.

I killed some time then on the trade stalls till it was time for some more stunt riding from, 'Jake Semtex' and his lady assistant; some pretty nifty riding on solos and quads.

That done with, I wandered through the cars vans, lorries, fire-engines and even caravans, both British and American. I must admit it wasn't a complete waste of time. Plenty to see…

If you must have a Reliant then this looks pretty practical to me.


But if you like three wheels -- now this would turn heads:


Just across the way we had sixty or more bikes to look at. A nice outfit Vincent Comet with Squire ST1, but close to that was a Royal Ruby -- now why doesn't all history look that good? The judges agreed and the 1915 Ruby won the RealClassic Concours on the day - so congratulations to owner Peter Burrows, and look out for more details about this Villiers-engined machine in future…

Even Better...

Just along from the Ruby we found Tri-Greaves: now that looks fun! I bet those pipes are loud.

How close is that rear fork brace to the downpipe?

Moving on, we came across V8 power with this Boss Hog. Is that a nitrous bottle?! I think I would need a drive through garage to manage this bike! It looks damn heavy.

Caption censored. It's disgusting. And I don't mean the caption.

At the other end of the scale we found a bit more history -- pay attention at the back.

The ABC Skota Motor of 1920 was a Granville Bradshaw design, built between 1919 and 1922 with either a 147cc inlet over exhaust valve engine or later on an 110cc overhead valve type. Now that one I could push round in the garage!

What's this next to it? Not the Wisp… it's red…. could it be the World Fastest Indian??

Random Dominator Stuff on

Indian? Really? The small notice on the floor tells me it's an Indian Papoose. Or to you and me it's a Corgi, made between 1942 and 1948 by Brockhouse Engineering who sold out to the American Indian factory and who later produced a version with a 246cc sidevalve engine.

Not worth losing your head over. Ooops, too late.

I know some people like really old bikes like these! I must try one, one day; now the Douglas is nice.


An NSU. I like them and if they had been cheaper I might have brought one back then. I know I would willingly swap it for my C15 now.

What's going on with that seat?

A really nice pair of twins and a single, Why's my garage so small? (It matches his wallet! The Management).

Mmmmm... lunch...

A nice Raleigh, with a hamper which reminds me… where's lunch? I seem to have missed out the Triumph, BSA and Norton twins. They were all there and they were nice enough, but… been there; done that.

A wander through the autojumble let me pick up some tools for the workshop, and find a nice man with a tin full of Amal jets - that'll do nicely, I need to sought out the mixture on my old bike! One book tells me I need a number 80 main jet, another tells me to use a 120, so the man with his biscuit tin is a real find, I buy a complete set of jets from 80-120 and walk away happy.

Would I make room for this in my dream garage:

I don't think the price is that bad, to be honset. RM

It was up for £200. I don't think so!

Time to go. Walking back to the car park, memories are made of this!

A mirror to the soul?

Closer to the car and the loos I am reminded of last night's curry!

Stripey. But in a different way....

And that seems a good point to leave on…


Show Off!

If you'd like to enter your classic bike into the RealClassic Concours at another Transtar event, then there's a whole series of shows this summer building up to a grand finale at our end-of-season bash, the Stinkwheel Show at Beaumanor Hall in September.

All you need to do is display your classic bike at any these events for a chance to win a RealClassic award, and see your bike immortalised either in print or on this site.

To enter for the concours display, call 01922 643385 or see

And you're very welcome to go along to the shows, too, even if you don't fancy displaying your bike. We especially want to see lots of RC readers in September…

Sunday 14th May:

  • 28th Sandwell Historic Vehicle Show, Sandwell Valley Country Park, West Bromwich

    Sunday/Monday 28th/29th May:

  • Ragley Hall Classic Car & Transport Show, Ragley Hall, Alcester, Warwicks

    Sunday 18th June:

  • Sandon Hall Classic Car & Transport Show, Sandon Hall, Sandon, Staffs

    Sunday 25th June:

  • Sheffield Festival of Transport, Graves Park, Sheffield, Yorkshire

    Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd July:

  • KM Motoring Pagent, The Hop Farm Country Park, Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent

    Sunday 9th July:

  • Walsall Classic Car & Transport Show, Walsall Arboretum Extension, Walsall, West Mids

    Sunday 23rd July:

  • Beaumanor Hall Classic Car & Transport Show, Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Leics

    Sunday 6th August:

  • 17th Trentham Classic Car & Transport Show, Trentham Italian Gardens, Stoke on Trent

    Sunday 3rd Sept:

  • 7th Dudley Classic Car & Transport Show, Himley Hall, Dudley, West Midlands

    Sunday 17th Sept:

  • Stinkwheel Classic Motorcycle Show, Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse, Leics

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