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31st July 2007

2007 Antique and Classic Motorcycle Show, Arizona
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Dennis Lid attended this year's show and swap-meet in Phoenix, and here reveals his favourite 'steel steeds of yore'...

The steel steeds of yore were brought alive, once again, by The Antique and Classic Motorcycle Enthusiasts Association of Phoenix, Arizona. During April each year, the association members conduct their annual weekend event.

Behold! The classics that follow, exhibited at the 23rd Annual Antique and Classic Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet in Phoenix, Arizona, are a feast for the eyes of every motorcycle aficionado. Enjoy this photo stroll through motorcycle history as you walk the line and view these beauties from the past.

Garish or cute? 1960 BSA 650cc Twin owned by Ken Sherwood

Yes, I can hear you. Can you hear me? 1975 Kawasaki Z1 900cc Owned by T. J. Jackson

White tyres. White wall. But not white-wall tyres. 1925 BSA 350cc Side valve 3.49 hp Owned by T.J. Jackson

Also available in black. Bruce Franzen's 1935 Brough Superior Black Alpine with Racing Engine - Fastest Bike In the World in 1935, and the Rolls Royce of Motorcycles

Also available in focus. T. J. Jackson's 1930 BSA 500cc Sloper

Quick! Sell it T.J. Jackson... 1960 Harley Davidson Duo Glide with a '54 Hack Sidecar owned by Paul Faulkner

I bet T.J. has got his eyes on this one, too. Side View of Bruce Franzen's Slick 1935 Brough Superior Black Alpine

This brief version of the Annual Antique and Classic Motorcycle Show was brought to you by the Arizona Antique & Classic Motorcycle Enthusiasts Association of Phoenix. Remember that the bike you ride today may well become a future classic. Handle it with tender loving care, and enjoy the ride.

Man in red hat is hurrying to move his bike before TJ and Pat start restoring it. Guess Who? Yep! T. J. Jackson and Wife Pam from Eastside Performance Motorcycles of Mesa, AZ with Their Box of Trophies

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