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9th September 2009

Summer Show Highlights
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There's a summer show almost every weekend at the moment and RC readers seem to pop up at all of them. Here's just three: Bill Little's Open Day, the Popham Mega-Meet and Calne Motorcycle Meet...

Bill's Big Day

The week before Bill Little's annual Open Day delivered torrential rain, day after day. The forecast for the weekend itself was fair but that didn't help matters much because the field, which would normally be packed with autojumble stalls and their associated cars and vans, was completely water-logged. At the last minute it looked as if the event might have to be cancelled…

'Meet the gang ’cause the boys are here...'

…but hard work and local help on the Friday (with a tractor standing by to tow any stuck vehicles to safety) meant that Bill could open his gates as usual to welcome the massed ranks of classic riders who turned up on the day. The hard-standing in the yard soon filled with an impressive array pre-1973 classic bikes, including the Royal Enfield Interceptor gang and a raft of RC readers. Bill's Open Day is a free and easy affair; no admission charge and you just pay a fair price for the excellent refreshments. After a lunchtime barbecue, many riders choose to join the afternoon ride-out while the more laid-back take the chance to, ahh, lay back in the sun.

'With music and laughter to send you on your way...'

The entertainment goes on into the evening, this year with a live band and 'the best Elvis impersonator we've ever seen', with the tempting aroma of a hog roast wafting in the breeze. Bill provides space for overnight camping (although the ground was a little damp!) for people can make the most of the licensed bar with a clear conscience. The Sunday morning brings the chance to examine the 80-plus classic Brit bikes for sale in Bill's barn, which can be dangerous if you're the sort to be easily led astray!

'We’re raising the rafters with a hey-hey-hey!'
Nortons on

Despite the initial concerns, folks who attended Bill's 2009 event reckon it was one of the best-ever - even if wellies were de rigueur.

Photos: courtesy of Mike Borrie


Classics At Calne

It seems like only yesterday when we attended the first motorcycle meet at Calne in Wiltshire - but it was actually nine years ago! Crumbs. The event surely has grown since then. This year the excellent weather brought out over 4000 visitors which packed the town centre to its limit.

'They’re creepy and they’re kooky...'

The focus has shifted from earlier events to encompass all of motorcycling so there are many more marques of all ages in attendance, and fewer classics to be found - or maybe there's the same number of old bikes but they're just hard to spot among all the plastic fairings? More than 30 specialist and marques clubs put on displays and more clubs from Europe are expected to turn up in 2010 to celebrate the event's 10th anniversary.

'Mysterious and spooky...' The last Quasar?

In among the modern Harley-Davidsons and Hinckley Triumphs, classic fans will have spotted various BSAOC branches on patrol, perhaps the last-ever Quasar to be built, and an array of speedway machines -- Trevor Martin, the Coventry speedway rider is seen here posing with Calne's Mayor Howard Marshall.

'They’re altogether ooky...'

The special tenth anniversary meet will be on Saturday 24th July 2010, and the organisers are already looking for extra-special displays to make it a real celebration. If you'd like to get involved with your club or branch then please contact them via calnemotorcycleevent @

'The Addams Family.'


Perfect Popham

The annual mega motorcycle meet at Popham Airfield always attracts a huge (by which we mean massive, nay gigantic or indeed simply colossal) collection of classic motorcycles.

'Come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Jed...'

In their midst, BikerMarc did stalwart duties manning the RC Roadshow and reported meeting many RC readers (including one chap from Scotland! All that way just for a free Jaffa Cake? Crikey).

'A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed...'

The giant marquee offers shelter from the sunshine and housed some of the clubs although many more spilled out to make the most of the glorious weather and the excellent site and all its amenities.

'Then one day he was shootin’ at some food...'

In the unlikely event that you manage to see all of the old bikes at Popham, then you can start plane-spotting as light aircraft come, go and circle above. Always entertaining!

'When up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude...'

This year's RC prizes went to the Kawasaki V12 (yikes! A V12. Wot'll it do, mister? Hope the owner sends us more info…) and the dedicated emergency blood transport riders. Details of next year's event will appear on our events page as soon as we have them; meanwhile see

Photos courtesy of Jerry the youthful Rocker


GPZ Kawasakis on Right Now...


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