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Classic Motorcycle Review - Posted 17th February 2018
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MCN London Motorcycle Show

Good things come in threes, they say. Martin Gelder finds out how much the new Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650 twins will cost, finds a new old retro stylee bike from Mac, and tries on a new helmet from Davida...

Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650cc Twins

Many potential retail prices have been bandied about for the new designed-in-Britain-made-in-India 650 twins from Royal Enfield, but we have spoken to a factory source who confirms the bikes will sell for “About £6,500”. Rather than going for a discount price the manufacturer will offer the bikes with an extended warranty, service package and European breakdown cover included in the purchase price. “You just buy the bike and ride it; everything else is included in that price”.

Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650cc Twins Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650cc Twins

This is more expensive than many had hoped but we think it positions the bike in the right place in the market; it's not a budget far eastern commuter bike and the quality of the bikes that were on show at ExCel reflected this. It'll compete with the likes of Triumph's Street Twin (about £7,800 on the road) rather than a new Jawa or Mash.

Royal Enfield Interceptor Specs in Brief

  • 650cc SOHC air and oil cooled engine making 47bhp.
  • 202kg (445lbs) kerb weight, 13.7 litre (3 Imp. Gal) fuel capacity.
  • Six speed gearbox, 18” wheels, disc brakes front and rear.

    The Royal Enfield Continental GT is slightly lighter, has lower bars, a cafe racer seat and a one litre smaller tank.

    Mac Motorcycles

    Mac Motorcycles concept sketch Mac Motorcycles concept sketch

    Who? We first saw the Mac concept back in 2009, and I have to admit I was a bit sniffy. Photoshop images of an imaginary bike using a Buell Blast motor...

    Mac Motorcycles prototype Mac Motorcycles prototype

    But what's this? Nine years later, here's an actual bike on an stand at the Excel show. Fair play, gentlemen. I was wrong. Now using an SWM motor and featuring a full complement of lights, instruments, number plate, control cables, etc, it looks really good. Spindly, purposeful, simple. It looks long in the photos but it's not, it's just low; like bikes used to be. It'll be expensive, but it'll be exclusive.

    And having seen it in the flesh it looks like it'll be a lot more fun to ride than something like a new Brough Superior...

    They've got a website, but you're better off finding them on Facebook

    Davida Koura Full Face Helmet

    Davida's first in-house full-face helmet is nearing production, with some models already sold out. It has a retro look but feels modern when you put it on; light, comfortable, quality.

    Davida Koura Davida Koura
    Enfields on Now...

    The chin piece is distinctively deep but the back of the neck is recessed so that you can still see where you're going when you're in a racing crouch. Like all Davida's products, it's designed and made by people who ride, day in and day out.

    Double D ring fastening. Removable fabric or leather liner. Nice solid (not that sort of solid) visor. ECER22-05, DOT and ACU Gold approved. Cool.

    Davida Koura Davida Koura

    Words: Martin Gelder, Photos: Martin Gelder, Royal Enfield, Mac Motorcycle, Davida

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