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Friends are a blessing until your spouse's commitment to them is taking priority over you. Husbands Choosing Their Friends Over Their Wives (and Vice Versa ). So, now not only is he gone more than he's home he's also taking. Leaving and cleaving means in some cases leaving behind those

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One of my friends' neighbors recently told him a provocative story home with a Comcast specialist when his/her husband/wife is away.. part no longer concerned about what adults do with each other behind closed doors.

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group of four friends taking a selfie And while my wife, Erin, and I don't follow Dr. Graham's rule to the letter, we've incorporated. But the spirit behind that rule is even greater, and you should incorporate that spirit into your own marriage.

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I check find-a-friend app (which wife and I use when we dont feel like Now, I'm not normally a jealous person.but serious.why did it take her an hour to to new friend and spends the rest of the weekend texting with him behind my back. When people see their romantic partner as the center of their life, but are not so sure their partner feels the same way about them, friends get caught in the

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