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13th December 2004

Tech: Bench Pressing

Looking for a wonderful Xmas present this year and missed the chance to buy a (completely sold out) Real Classic Super Shed mug? Anarchy has a suggestion...

Christmas has come early in the house of Anarchy. My new toy, in the form of a 27 year old Yamaha RD400, was waiting patiently for me to start a rolling restoration. It's a dilemma; do you do a nut and bolt total restore and make it like new or do you just tidy it up and keep the patina and character it has gained from those umpteen road races and Wimpy bar sprints it has won? The jury is still out on this.

I have to say I was dreading the kneeling down on concrete for hours again and with my battered knees, it's not a happy thought. Maybe a workbench is needed?

Fellow RC member NVNL had just purchased just such a fine motorcycle lift/bench. I had teased him on being soft and how I could have purchased another old bike for the money they cost, endorsing the ancient Black and Decker workmate clone I possess as the pinnacle in motorcycle maintenance equipment. However I was coming around to his way of thinking.

Stocking / end-of-bed not shown.

Christmas is approaching fast and Mrs Anarchy asks me what I want for a pressy. After around nine other unmentionable lurid suggestions the bike bench is accepted and the quest to get one is on. Libido to one side, what on earth do I buy?

Now a certain canny Cornishman who could be called Frank and may have a beard and far too many fine bikes to be a decent sort of chap, once enthused about his ten year old Sealy bike bench, I know this is true, I have the photographic evidence in the mag to prove it. I bow to his workbench knowledge and reminded that it must have survived a thousand blows from Thor, Franks mighty god of all hammers, the model is chosen, the 390. Now where do I get one?

Ebay offered the item at 395 plus postage which was a good price but you have no comeback if it's a duffer or if the seller is off to immigrate to the Costa del Sol with your hard earned cash in his tattooed hands. They weigh about a third of the weight of the Forth Bridge so shipping is quite a few squids.

Quick email to another canny Cornishman brings up a fab result. NVNL has a local contact who are not only so cheap I can't print it here, they will deliver it free and bundle in a radio controlled car for me... ahem, the kids... but I mustn't tell NVNL this. The company are Cornish and a fine bunch of lads I'm told.

Bike Bench Stuff on

Well, true to their word it arrives. It works. It has transformed my workshop. Now even cleaning a bike is easier, plus I have somewhere to knock my mug of coffee off as I work.

The Gubbins. If you're going to have Gubbins, it had better be red.

There are tie downs to strap the bike to, funny vice thingy to crush the tyres with, a safety bar to lock the position of the bench and it all moves on funny little wheels with lockdown feet when positioned finally. Built far more strongly that I anticipated, a quality bit of kit. Why I never got one before I don't know, OK I do know but I always try to improvise which is often not the best thing to do.

This Christmas thing is a very good idea. Now I just need to convince Mrs Anarchy that the other nine items on the Xmas list are well worth reconsidering...

Mmmm. Speedblocks.


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