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17th February 2005

An exhaust carbuncle yesterday.Tech: Humber Engines Everywhere

You think you can keep your classic bikes safe in the shed? Think again. HumberNut reveals that his dining room has been invaded by Humber engines...

Yet another unusual Humber engine has joined the collection in the dining room. This one is a 1928 350 OHV Humber engine that was bought a few years ago as a project, along with a frame. I stripped the top end down when I first bought it and made new push rods, push rod return spring covers, valve spring cups, valve spring caps, valve collets and various nuts and bolts.

Front and side view shots of the OHV engine.

Now as things became a bit hectic in the workshop, and while I was waiting for the newly made bits coming back from the platers, I started other things... eventually almost forgetting about this engine.

Once I had finished the OHC that was shown last year in the Techniques section, I decided it was high time I did something to prevent all the dust and grit from the workbench from falling into the crankcase of the engine.

I stripped down the bottom end to find it in excellent condition, all that was required was a good clean up and polish of the aluminium castings, then re-assembly of the engine with all the freshly Nickel plated bits.

Vintage Stuff on

Thick brown oil had preserved the bottom end beautifully for goodness knows how long.

Unfortunately a lot of the new nuts and bolts I made were used up on other projects so I have assembled it with what was available and when time permits I will make a complete new set of fasteners for the engine.

Cleaning up the crankcases.


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