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Bike Profile - Posted 11th September 2009

Mystery Trike
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Bill Worrall keeps his eyes peeled while on his travels, looking out for anything old and unusual. This three-wheeler certainly fits the bill...

I thought you'd like to see what I found while on holiday in Madeira. As you can tell, it's a trike (I am nothing if not observant).

They don't make 'em like that any more...

The power unit looks about 250cc but has no identification that I could see. It is fan-cooled with hand start, and gear change with clutch lever mounted on the gear lever.

...or do they?
Honda Cubs on :

The final drive was to one rear wheel by chain. Braking was to both rear wheels from one handlebar-mounted lever, with front stopper operated from other.

Note mis-matched rear wheels; one spoked, one cast.

The frame (if you can call it that) was liberally endowed with bird poo welding with rebar reinforcement. As a fully qualified fettler (I'm a blacksmith by trade) even I would have been wary of admitting to welding as dodgy as that.

Where does the weld end and the frame start?

I spent a few minutes looking over the bike, hoping the owner would appear but as time was limited (she who must be obeyed had finished her coffee and wanted to move on) I had to leave before he (or she) arrived.

Is it ingenious, or just horrible?

Not quite sure what my reply would have been had I been offered a quick blast up the mountain road! It could have been interesting although I had doubts about the welding standing up to my sylph-like 18 stone figure.

SLS front brake, ape-hanger bars...

In all it looked a well used bit of kit but I would like to meet the MOT inspector who issued the ticket! He probably had a guide dog and a white stick…


Any ideas? If you have half a clue about what this trike might be, then drop us a line to tp at and we'll share the information…


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